My name is Steve Ellis and I am the very proud father of four young  girls. When you find out for the first time that you wife is pregnant and your soon to become a father a lot of things flash through your mind. All the emotions and self-doubt from your not ready to I’m going to be the worst father ever seem to overwhelm your every waking moment. As time goes on and you settle into the role you may still feel overwhelmed but at least you look like you know what’s going on. As long as they believe it your OK.
During that first pregnancy while my wife JoAnn settled in with dozens of publications on what to expect as a new mom I found very little guidance as to what I could expect as a new dad. I wasn’t exactly hip to the idea of reading Dr. Phil so I decided to just record my own observations in the hopes I might one day be able to help another would be dad with any wisdom I gathered. I’m certainly no authority on child rearing other than my best advice is to marry a woman who is really good at this. I have learned a lot the past decade and even though I still have days of feeling overwhelmed that’s more in part of being out numbered by my girls then straight fear of fatherhood.
I think I’m getting the hang of it now and I do enjoy the moment when I can. As the girls age new frontiers are being forged daily and I’m forced to grow as a parent as they mature. I’m now much closer to having teenaged daughters then when I first started to write this all down and that’s a bold new frontier I’ve been fearing from the moment the doctor said  “It’s a Girl”…..four times.

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