A little context goes along way

So earlier this week I found a link in a long forgotten folder on my computer to this WordPress blog I created back in 2008. My intention then was to start up loading what I had written so far. I started writing a monthly post on my own experiences assuming the roll of fatherhood beginning back in February 2003 when I first found out about our first child.

Who knows why I didn’t follow through and push the blog live, life just sort of happens. In fact I recall 2008 was maybe the most pirvitol change in my own life with the birth of my third daughter only hours after losing my own father so I’m guessing I just forgot about this. I never stopped writing however and I’m nearly twelve years into the project so I might as well not stop now. With no fanfare or even much editing I just decided to push it live on a whim. The trauma of that year is long passed and what ever trepidation I had back then about sharing my thoughts and feeling in this forum are gone.

So if you’ll indulge me I’d like to upload a few more pieces I’ve done over the years. Maybe not all of them as that’s now a couple books worth but there are some interesting revelations along the way. Reading them now I’m shocked how I thought and felt back then as I can’t imagine that frame of mind now. It just proved to me I was correct to capture those moments at the time as they happened because writing it down now would never do it justice. So this can be a bit of a time capsule I suppose as I read over the few hundred pieces I’ve written so far. Most are the same length as my original intention back in 2003 was to submit them to a magazine or some sort of publication so they all hit the 2500 word mark. A little long for a blog perhaps and maybe that was another reason I didn’t pushed this thing live in 2008.

If you decide to come along for the ride I promise you nothing but honesty and the truth. Much to my wife’s chagrin I don’t hold anything back.


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